From fast food joints to themed restaurants, more and more food businesses are popping up in cities every day. Since restaurants are becoming such a common business venture, the competition seems to be increasing every day. Have you toyed with the idea of owning your own food joint? Being your own boss, having more flexibility, and sincerely enjoying what you do – Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? However, all of these advantages come at a cost. Building a restaurant from scratch isn’t easy. It’s a hard and expensive process, and in reality many restaurants fail in their first year of business. Download our FREE Budget Calculator now and know how much investment you need in hand to start a restaurant of your own.

But, there are ways to reduce the risk of becoming another statistic. You need to go step by step in order to avoid any hassles that can crop up later. You need to be very careful and leave nothing unattended to ensure a smooth start and success for your business.

Whether it is about the necessary permits or the marketing, there is a lot to be planned. This is where we come into picture. We, as your end to end consultants in the food business, will make sure that you leave no stone unturned and have a successful run in the industry. Read ahead to understand how we do that.

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What do you picture serving at your Restaurant? Who are the customers you are targeting? Like all well planned companies, a Restaurant will also require a concise business plan. This plan includes the overall structure of your Restaurant, your target audience description and financial projections. Articulating this before the beginning of the restaurant consultation process helps in understanding an unbiased vision of your Restaurant in your mind.


One of the first things you need to decide is the restaurant style you are interested in. Whether you intend on being a restaurant panning multiple cuisines, café with dedicated specialisation or a lounge bar with comfortably furnished pub, the planning for each will vary and will require a different formula for execution.


After narrowing down the type of Restaurant Business you want to be in, you can decide the concept of the Restaurant. Your concept can be fast-food, which offers food types that range from burgers, fries, and sandwiches; midscale Restaurant, which has full course meals at value prices or upscale restaurant, offering meals with high-end ambience and higher prices. After narrowing your establishment to one of these options, you can get into the finer details of the theme.


Before you begin, you need to estimate the costs you will have to invest for. You’ll need different pools of money. First pool would be for one-time costs like equipment, setup, supplies, etc. The second pool is to cover the restaurant expenses for at least six months, and the third pool is for advertising and certain overhead costs. Having a six months cushion is safe because you’ll probably find that your expenses outpace your revenue for at least that period.


Restaurant Consulting is increasingly becoming a necessity in the hospitality industry. Running a food business is challenging and with the numerous things that need to be overseen, it makes a difference in the long run to have an expert by the side. Our restaurant consultancy is unbiased, offering insights and professional analysis that is tailor made to suit your restaurant with the goal of making it profitable. Whatever your hospitality consulting needs may be, our experts at Bistro Brain have the knowledge along with experience to take your business to the next level.


After an initial discussion of your plan, we undertake a detailed market survey about your area of interest and make exhaustive reports for the next steps for your plan and the competition that exists. Based on the restaurant type, if it is at the initial stage of setup, we choose the location that would be ideal for you to setup your business, undertake an in depth survey of your target audience and a feasibility study of your budget and requirements. If you do not wish to take up our end to end services, we can also customise our plan according to the service you are looking for.


After putting things on paper, it is essential to make sure that it is realized into actual design. For this proper allocation of funds is essential, where we set up month on month plans to make your restaurant come alive. Right from menu consultation to advertising and marketing, we will set up a plan and appropriate budget for each functionality.



Once you decide the appropriate budget plan, we can go ahead with signing a contract giving the timeline of our service and the payment schedule for our consulting charges. From here on Bistro Brain will work towards the actualization of plans and agendas discussed while you work on being the face of the restaurant. Your dream is our responsibility now as we merge together to begin the execution.


Based on your requirement we can setup a timeframe for execution of the plan. We will share with you a step by step breakdown of targets and the timeline we wish to achieve them in. Monthly Analysis Reports will be shared with the progress and the agenda to take things ahead.


Our budget as Restaurant Consultants will be totally dependent on the services you wish to choose. As per the roles you want us to undertake, we can work on budgets that are project based or service based.


Once everything has been set in place, we can undertake the signing of contract to make things official and formalized on paper. These contracts will include the role we would be undertaking as Restaurant Consultants, timelines, budgets and other project details. Once signed, we are ready to begin work and set the plan in motion.


With everything in place, your dream is now in action and you get to see results that are measurable. Along with providing all the setup assistance, we also ensure that the right marketing and advertising campaigns can be setup for appropriate promotion of your restaurant.


  • Licensing and Permits
  • Designing the restaurant/café/kiosk etc.
  • Menu planning, designing and recipe development
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Setting processes and standard operating procedures
  • Operation assessment till the completion of project and 2 months operation assistance post completion (included in the package)
  • For further consultation or management, we charge on monthly basis.

Add-On Services

  • Marketing and Branding
  • Laboratory Services for Food and Beverages Industry

Bistro Brain is not just your consultant but your partner right from the conception of your unique idea to crises management until you are with us. We like to build long lasting relationships and long lasting Restaurant Businesses! Us being a part of your growth is the biggest marker for our true success.

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