Are you looking for a new menu design? Is reducing the unnecessary cost incurred a concern for you while operating a restaurant? How about branding and marketing advice along with restaurant consulting expert service from one place?

Hospitality industry requires huge investment that depends on availability of leisure time and disposable income. Hence, it becomes an important variable to seek for maximum number of customers once you begin a start-up. Our services target on the barriers to entry by newcomers and cater to E2E (end to end) hospitality consulting resulting in authenticity, professionalism, and actual concern for the happiness and well-being of the customers. This brings about clear competitive advantage.

We are not just restaurant consultants who have thorough knowledge of setting up an entire food establishment but also Chef consultants who expertise in food too that forms the pillar to assemble the other pieces of hospitality together to make your restaurant a success. Our one-stop solution from support in deciding the right place, concept ideation, fit out, supplier selection, price negotiation, menu planning, development & design, staff hiring & training, branding & marketing, SOP compliances, audit and quality management.


Complete Turnkey Restaurant Consulting

Bistro Brain is the perfect match for anyone looking to turn their dreams of opening a restaurant into a reality. We work with you through the entire process from Idea creation through the design and construction details till post-launch of your project. From Concept development that begins as a stepping stone, we help consult with the design or redesign of restaurants from a marketing perspective. This can be as simple as a small “face-lift” or as complex as a complete build up. Followed by Design and Build, Vendor Selection, Menu designing and development, Food Cost Control and Operational Systems, Hiring and Training of team, we work with only the best to get you the best of the worlds.

This service includes support provided to first time entrepreneurs entering the food business or clients looking for complete support where they just wish to oversee the entire setup from start to end. The stages are:

  1. Concept Planning and Feasibility Study – We help you identify a concept, structure the format and choose from a location that shall go best for your restaurant. There is always a chance that the client might have his/her own idea/suggestion while starting their restaurant but they may not have a precise understanding of the location or what works best where. Our support for market research helps in identifying an appropriate location and helping you decide a concept based on your budget. An understanding of potential customer base and their eating preferences are of utmost importance. Also, age group of the crowd opting a particular cuisine may vary from place to place. Bistro Brain as experts can guide you in analysing the demography and setting a base for greater footfall.
  2. Kitchen Layout and Equipment Planning – We help in conceptualizing the interiors in consultation with the Interior Designers or Architects for refined touch. Planning the design and layout of the restaurant, bar, kitchen, F&B Space and common areas comes at this level where it is discussed and finalised with client and architect. We shall devise a detailed list with specifications of the equipment required and our vendors or associates shall provide all equipment, furniture accessories, fixtures, machines & software, concept based decorative etc. Alternatively, we can also work with your respective vendors to finalise on choices to be made for your eatery place.
  3. Technical Detailing – This stage is more about plans to implement the detailing of technical aspects by coordinating with the assigned agencies. Beginning from harmonising the civil layout that includes Kitchen, Bar, stores and F&B spaces, to electrical points and plumbing plans, all safety measures, fittings, furniture and interior design, uniforms to menu, website and logo designing; we look into all the intricacies of the work involved.
  4. Proposing and Finalization of the Vendor – We work on approving the detailed plan by finalizing with the vendor on design layouts, discuss and finalize on quotations, proposes crockery requirements for outlet and supplies from vendor. Menu engineering begins at this stage where we work on the concept and menu, standard recipes and costings, tasting and menu development.
  5. Execution – The set up now reaches a platform where we are ready to execute with you the processes involved in running your restaurant. Our support extends from software and hardware planning, setting up Management Information Systems reports, initial inventory setup, guide for HR, Training, Operations, Stores/Purchases to handholding for a definite period of time till your operation functions up smoothly.
  6. Soft Skill Profiling and Training of Personnel – Simultaneously, while execution, we assist in interviewing and hiring of staff on client recommendation. Manpower budgeting and trials of key F&B personnel are taken care of by us. We also provide customised training solutions and specialised workshops.
  7. Pre-Launch and Post-Launch – Before closure of our assignment, we make sure that all assignments relating to respective contractors are completed and certify the project completion. Menu is finalised at this stage and menu trials begin during pre-launch. During post-launch, preparation of marketing plan begins and we provide support for 60 days post project completion.

Food & Beverage Consulting

Bistro Brain recognises and balances all relevant components of restaurant business, the brand, the operating model, and the right strategy in order to create a foundation to build premium profit. With a process focused on quick profit generation for the concept, we help our clients perform well.

This service is more precise where clients are well-versed with running a food outlet already or has sufficient support system for deciding a concept and structure designing. However, challenge still prevail for such clients who may not be efficient in handling Food and Beverage area until and unless they themselves have been into restaurant consulting. This challenge is much more at ease when you consult Chef consultant like us who can multitask and fulfill both roles. The stages are:

  1. Kitchen Layout and Equipment Planning
  2. Technical Detailing (that only includes technicalities relating to F&B in this case)
  3. Proposing and finalization of the Vendor
  4. Execution
  5. Soft Skill Profiling and Training of Personnel
  6. Pre-Launch and Post-Launch

Restaurant Management Consulting

While you may or may not excel in developing a strong concept that involves planning restaurant design, studying competitive challenges, researching market demographics, and a financial strategy; a restaurant that you already opened cannot always necessarily undergo too many changes considering the hard-earned money you put into getting it in shape. Thus, in such case, this service would be of help where we take care of managing your restaurant on a contract basis year on year and maintain compliance. Restaurant Management Consulting is also helpful in situation when it’s a huge hotel and the owner cannot afford to spend enough time to focus only on one of his businesses OR the tendency of outsourcing the management portion of the restaurant for myriad reasons.

We understand that to help an operation to meet and exceed goals, it is critical to have the right management team in place. We help in looking out for key position both internal and outside business with requisite skills needed to head the operation. Compliance issues such as employee relations, development and training of management, policy review for businesses can be counselled in order to making the business bulletproof.


Concept Development with Design & Build Consulting
(Includes Kitchen and Restaurant Designing)

At Bistro Brain, we feel that the concept of a restaurant is much more than the food on the menu. It’s about determining the feel of the room, the flow of the kitchen, the guest experience, the number of seats, the ingredient sourcing, the equipment, and more. We understand how to turn a vision into a reality.

This service understands the elaborate facet of Concept Planning and Feasibility Study where we not only cater to assisting you find a suitable place but sit with you to brainstorm and zero down to ideas that shall go well with the place identified. Furthermore, the concept is developed keeping in mind the popularity of food type among the crowd and getting to know their detailed preference that shall bring in outstanding response.

Strategic Consulting

Controlling food costs is one of the most important keys to running a successful and profitable restaurant. They are the biggest costs in any given restaurant model, with this in mind we put together a guide, effective operational systems in place with resources to control and create an excellent ambience and clear your way to success.

This service is more in-line with the Execution phase where the existing operation/restaurant need support in functioning due to strategic in-capabilities, unorganised team or managed by the owner himself who may have relatively less knowledge in terms of technical expertise. Firstly, selecting the right supplier/vendor may exceed standards, make the process economically viable, drive customer demand, and build a strong brand reputation of quality products.

Bistro Brain can identify loopholes and help you plan the steps appropriately that shall comprise of understanding your Kitchen Layout and suggest Equipment Planning if needed, may look into technical detailing for improvement suggestions; however major focus would be Execution that may or may not be related to soft skill profiling and thereby, training required for staff. This support has wider scope depending upon the client budget and requirement.

Turnaround Consulting

The ability for a business to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment creates a unique set of challenges for all customers.  Restaurants need to react quickly to market movements, anticipate market needs and implement outcomes designed to take advantage of market trends.  Enhanced management, shedding of businesses, restructuring balance sheets and renegotiating key contracts are just some of the critical tools available to effectuate a successful turnaround. Stabilising operations, improving inefficiencies or providing strong leadership are just a few of the services we provide in order to maximise the turnaround.

It is a very common phenomenon in this business where business owners tend to shut shop as a result of low revenue. Turnaround consulting service helps in identifying the key points where the restaurant is failing and tackle the 5 building blocks which help your restaurant grow turning your basic fundamentals into your best marketing tool.


Restaurant Operations Partnership (Not Investors)

This service is precisely for clients who are looking for a potential consultant to manage the restaurant/eatery place on their behalf by becoming partners. However, this service is only limited to consultation that’s in terms of running the operations or managing the entire project but does not involve investing money into it. Your money and our efforts can be balanced and calibrated on the returns obtained (in terms of share value).

In-House Digital Marketing (Organic &/or Paid)
for Small Business or Startups

We extend complete support under our in-house brand name TABLE TOAD to new comers in the restaurant business so that they can set their presence in the market. We provide digital marketing services that includes brand story writing, blog writing, website designing, logo conceptualisation and designing, menu designing, packaging material designing, social media marketing (organic & paid), SEO optimisation etc. We also take care of bigger projects by packaging our services with  bigger digital media houses through our close connects to fulfil your needs.

PR Services

We extend support from our internal team who can cater to media coverage and media kit, launch party, event management including logistics requirements, entertainment solutions, website designing and artwork adaptation for social networking, buzz marketing and post launch marketing, advertising mediums and forums.

Laboratory Service for Food and Beverage Industry

With the help of our tie-up organisation, Complete laboratory set up for testing food and beverages can be done. Lab set up includes designing and layout, glassware, chemicals and equipment arrangements, research and development, providing FSSAI license required, guidance on machinery for processing and packaging, identifying best in class vendors for process equipment, raw materials and packaging materials, recruitment of qualified personnel and training the newly joined food technologist, production supervisor and staff working, internal audit, training for testing and documentation according to standards, sensory evaluation and license renewal.

HR Outsourced Consulting

We also support in HR outsourced consulting where the client might be looking for HR outsourced support along with restaurant consulting with us. This service shall be applicable for clients who need higher volume of documentation and compliance.

Education and Skill Development Opportunities

Chef Consultant and Designated Partner of Bistro Brain Hospitality Services Chef Prashanth Chembala, also a Co-Director of Bassein Education Private Ltd. has launched a brand-new institute of Hotel Management (NIHM – National Institute of Hospitality Management) affiliated to University of Mumbai in Vasai road (west) with other partners. Grooming students at the grass root level with the right knowledge and exposure shall mould them to become promising talents in the future. We also offer short term courses and certification programs for skill development and personality development for working professionals.

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