Our prospects are our potential clients who are looking for advice in opening up or re-designing their food establishment.

Below is the tentative budget for various models under food businesses that you need to know before you start one of your own.  Having an understanding of the money you need to have in hand will help you interpret the importance of hiring a consultant. When a huge lump-sum is invested for a business, one cannot risk it by keeping loopholes open for mistakes. Bistro Brain as a restaurant consultant makes your decision foolproof by minimising risks and maximising profitability.

    Free Cafe/Restaurant Budget Calculator – Download Now!

    Every aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start their own cafe or restaurant & has no clue of how to start planning the finance can now download our free cafe/restaurant budget calculator to make a decision and realise their dream.

    You can take our
    Turnkey Consultation service required to set up your café/restaurant.

    Contact Us now on 9834526036/9619794338.

    The variation in cost is subject to which location in India are you opening your food model.

    Please note: These exclude our consulting charges. Consulting charge is though based on the total client investment value; it tremendously varies based on our efforts and kind of detail and quality required for each effort.

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