While starting any food business that’s commercial, you would always want your concept to turn around and do well economically. Although every person starts a restaurant with the thought of love for food or passion for cooking or serving to a larger audience, the ultimate objective of starting one of your own shall most of the time target to earn good returns until and unless you have ample money to waste for a hobby.

As a first-time entrepreneur in the food business, the strategy to build a restaurant starts from identifying a place, building a concept & designing, hiring right, training appropriately, branding & marketing to running the operation successfully. If you are not from an F&B background or do not have prior experience of opening or running a restaurant, you will certainly face challenges. To avoid the mistakes arising as an outcome, you may need the services of a restaurant consultant.

However, even if you are an experienced restaurateur, perspective that a restaurant consultant can share in improving your business strategy shall help you set up the restaurant business in a better way.

Restaurant consultants are not only professionals hired by owners to help them thresh out issues in various aspects of their food business but they are people with experience and expertise gained over years with different hotels and restaurants. Moreover, it becomes an icing on the cake when experienced Chefs becomes Chef consultants as they function better with their immense and rich knowledge in food that forms the foundation of the hospitality industry.

Bistro Brain would want to highlight six such areas where you would need to hire a restaurant consultant or preferably a   Chef Consultant.

  1. Need for Restaurant Consulting in Concept Development and Service: Development of a strong concept is the base of any restaurant especially when something is coming up new in an area. Moreover, if the consultant is a Chef consultant, this initiation become strongest considering the opportunity to bring in a transformed cuisine to the changing market.
  2. Need for Restaurant Consulting in Designing and building the concept: A restaurant consultant assists to do the feasibility study of the area that helps the client to zero down on a concept. Followed by giving a suitable restaurant and kitchen design, the consultant helps you in fixing the structure or appearance of the restaurant you see from outside.
  3. Need for Restaurant Consulting in Food and Beverage (F&B): If you are looking for a specific service in the management of restaurant operations, consulting in F&B shall help the client in creating operation checklists and manuals, policy manuals, menu consultation and restaurant operation assessment.
  4. Need for Restaurant Consulting in Strategic Consulting: A restaurant/chef consultant shall structure the procedures involved in strategic consulting while taking up the operations of the restaurant. It involves food cost control, operational systems, appropriate vendor selection for supplies, hiring and training of the team who’s going to be part of the restaurant staffs, right hospitality management team to head the operation, compliance and laboratory services if any needed for special operation like central kitchen.
  5. Need for Restaurant Consulting in Restaurant Turn around: You would be in need of this support when there is a tendency of business shutting down due to low revenue generation. A restaurant consultant can help you identify the key points of restaurant failure and work towards turning it around.
  6. Need for Restaurant Consulting in Menu Development: Menu forms the core for any food establishment and a definite support in designing a good menu expresses the restaurant’s personality, focuses to advance the restaurant operations, promote profitability and defines the brand. Hence, a Chef consultant can do the role better as it involves creating new concepts, menus, recipes, method, dish costing and final styling.

Once you are clear with the need to Hire a Restaurant/Chef Consultant for your venture and decide to go ahead with it, you can now explore more on how to understand the whole consultation process. Bistro Brain would want to ease that process by taking you through OUR RESTAURANT CONSULTATION PROCESS with the detailed steps involved.

We will help you start your own restaurant or improvise the one you own.

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