Sailing through the turbulent seas of restaurant chains in Pune is no cakewalk. With the grim chances of survival and cut-throat competition, most restaurants tend to scramble to attract even a moderate amount of foot traffic. However, if you set the trend and create unique immersive experiences for your target audience, thriving in the restaurant ecosystem can be a bit easier. Curious about how to be the next trendsetter and get the limelight in the F&B Industry? Here’s what the industry experts recommend.

The New-Age Menu Trends

While the health-conscious movement continues to be in full force, and younger generations are willing to pay higher prices for healthy meals, understand that healthier options are there to stay. Create meals specifically tied to terms such as organic, GMO-free, all-natural, etc. Some eateries see right through the gimmick of healthy food. They create ethnic dishes or small menus for young adults. The key is to establish your USP with your menu, and if you cannot do that, rely on professionals to help you out!

Pop-up Restaurants

Even if you have an established brand presence in the industry with a spirited restaurant and live kitchen, pop-up restaurants can always be a great idea to drive buzz for your business. Food trucks and pop-up restaurants offer a fun experience for customers as your diner cannot go anywhere. Even now, the Michelin star chefs are shifting to the pop-up trend, so why shouldn’t you.

Choose a Unique Theme!

If you think you only sell the food in your restaurant, you are mistaken; you sell the vibe. In a world where social is the new cool, and customers go gaga over the quirkiest additions, having a fun theme like bollywood, vintage, sports or something more aesthetic like cherry blossoms can be a brilliant idea to widen the prospect range.

The Bottom Line

Pune has a handful of restaurants with the most unique concepts. Ranging from breathtaking ambiences to mouthwatering, diverse cuisines, the happening city has a lot to offer. When navigating through the rickety restaurant market is such a daunting task, collaborating with seasoned Turnkey Restaurant Consultants in Pune can be an excellent step. They are familiar with the nerve of the industry and can aid you in dodging problems that can blow a hole in your pocket. Ready to take the leap of faith? Bistro Brain can be your one-stop destination for unrivalled growth.

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