Do you also wish to have a successful restaurant business, but don’t know how? Here are India’s top consultants to help you build a successful business!

Starting a restaurant business is hard, and it is even harder when you are doing it all alone. It’s hard to figure out the concept, budget, staff hiring, marketing, customer experience, and so much more! But what if we told you that you don’t need to do all of this alone? You can hire a restaurant consultant to help you figure out everything.

From starting the business to scaling it, restaurant consultants can be your light in the dark. A restaurant consultant is an expert who helps you start a restaurant business for a fee. These experts have worked in the restaurant industry for a long time, and hence, know the business in and out.

If you are an aspiring restaurant owner looking for some expert guidance and advice, then these consultants are your go-to people.

Wondering how to find the best consultant for your business? We’ve got you covered! We have featured the top Indian restaurant consultants to help with your business challenges.

Let’s get-go!

Top Indian Restaurant Consultants


1- Chef Prashanth Chembala

Chef Prashanth Chembala is a popular culinarian, F&B consultant, and academician. He is affectionately known as Chef CP. He started his career as a chef in the hotel industry and exposed himself to various cuisines across India and globally.


After having quite a celebrated career in the hotel industry, Chef CP moved to make his mark in the restaurant business.

He started Bistro Brain Hospitality Services, a restaurant consulting firm, and helped tons of people fulfil their dream of running a successful restaurant. Some of their projects include The Little Work, R Cafe Nation, New York Burrito Company, Hotel Silver Oak, and others.

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