HBFYou have been enjoying pizza since 1996 when Dominos came to India for the first time and you were exposed to pizza that’s easily accessible and bought. With the increasing number of people including Italian taste as a choice over the years came innovation in that space. Now, you confidently try and bake with practically any of the store bought options. However, any time we see that goes into baking a dish would comprise of ingredients like salt, sugar, yeast, flour, baking soda, baking powder etc.

Out of the many baked products, Bistro Brain shares with you this time the secret to the best homemade pizza. A recipe can be picked up from so many options these days especially when we are exposed to bounty of information on google. With a decent taste palette and a fair awareness of what goes into making a particular dish, an average human being can gauge what would be the outcome of that preparation. Pick up a pizza recipe of your choice and we will tell you how to make it with the best possible results where you can enjoy the most delicious pizza sitting at your home.

Making Your Own Dough

This is one of the most important step to be looked at while making your own pizza. Buying a readymade base bread will not allow you to cherish the best taste and to make something best, you have to build the taste of each item that goes into making a pizza. While this can be achieved by using the refined flour/maida available in the market, you can go for any flour mix that shall bring out the best of taste. Just make sure that the dough has to rise to feel the softness and desirable texture of the base. Flour:Water proportion to be in the ratio of 3:2 (cups) while Salt:Sugar Yeast goes in the proportion of 2:1:2.5 (teaspoons).

Yeast and Sugar needs to be dissolved in 100 ml lukewarm water separately until it bubbles before mixing them in the dough, at the same time, 50 ml oil goes into making the soft dough. 5 to 6 minutes kneading is required and the texture would be a loose dough. Enough dusting of maida is taken into consideration to ensure the loose dough do not stick to the container and place it in an oiled vessel till the size doubles (approximately half an hour).  Beating the dough to remove the bubbles is important as a part of next step that follows when the dough is split into equal round balls. Dust the base of another container and place these balls on it with some oil topped on each. Cover and proof it for another 1 hour. This will now be ready to make the base of pizza.

Make your Tomato Sauce For Pizza Base 

Basic recipe that goes into making your tomato sauce would be playing with fresh tomatoes instead of canned tomato puree. A kilogram of red tomatoes with one carrot would do the magic with ten fresh garlic pods smoothly blending with salt & sugar 2 teaspoons each & chilli flakes & oregano one teaspoon each. Tomatoes, carrot and garlic, the toughest of the lot to be cooked first followed by rest of the seasoning ingredients and some water to make a smooth combination. Simmer cook for half an hour and puree them, now ready to be used on pizza base.

Set The Pizza Ready To Bake

To enjoy pizza that tastes fresh and delightful, you should make sure to set the pizza just before putting it for baking. Dust the tile, roll the proofed dough balls, flatten them as much as possible as we shall be cooking them on gas stove in a pan. Once flattened, spread a tablespoon of prepared tomato sauce & add desired toppings like mushroom, onion, capsicum, sausage etc. of your choice. Make sure that the veggies/meat are pre-cooked by sautéing before using them as toppings.  Grate some soft mozzarella cheese on top before baking. Now, shift the set pizza on to a warm non-stick pan and cover it with a lid. Close cook on low heat for 5 minutes and then high heat for another 2 minutes. Take the pizza out, slice into 4 or 8 pieces and enjoy the best homemade pizza.

The Secret To Best Homemade Pizza

 Frankly, there was never a doubt in about choosing the right recipe to make pizza but the method to make it if followed efficiently shall surely work like a charm. Think about it in this way – a perfect assembly of pizza base, tomato sauce and toppings make the right pizza and you can achieve by preparing each of these at home with simple ingredients that’s easily available in our kitchen these days. The opportunities are limitless. Who knows your recipe shall be the next viral sensation? Share with us your exciting take on pizza that can be easily prepared at home on contact@bistrobrain.com

Finally, use the best ingredients at each step to not compromise on quality and get creative in your way to experiment new variety. You can also contact us to start your cafe or restaurant if you share a passion for cooking and dream to open your pizza outlet. You can also share your ideas by dropping a comment in the comments section.

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