Winter in the United Arab Emirates means a host of changes for restaurant businesses. While some people try to spend most of their time at home, others tend to jazz up their wintertime by hanging out with their squad in trendy eateries. When the chilly season is lurking around the corner, restaurant owners are all set to spruce up their decor with seasonal layers that reflect the season. The top Restaurant Consultants in UAE recommend using warm inviting hues that offer customers a sense of delight and comfort. Are you looking for some inspiration to revamp your restaurant this Winter? Then here are some ideas for you!

Strike The Perfect Balance Between Light and Dark

Even if you have all the comfy seating arrangements, you can create an Instagram-worthy cozy reading nook that is particularly devoted to spending time with the most perfect books on a chilly winter day. Use contrasting dark and light hues and use angular accents and furnishings like a chaise with hairpin legs a narrow brass lamp, and a glass side table to keep the rustic touch. You can also keep the old-school floral prints, traditional oil paintings as well as antique wood floors to incorporate a vintage vibe to your contemporary restaurant.

A Summery Setting

If you want to give your customers the charm of summers amidst the chilly winters, create an open-air setting. Get your restaurant ready for the season with dark wood furnishings on your patio and some sunny french seating arrangements. Outdoor furniture and some flowering plants can go a long way as they invoke a summery vibe gleefully. If you want, you can also use yellow accents or summery tones at different places on your furnishings to rock that summer look.

Go Blue

Blue is probably the safest color you can play with. Use vibrant blue wallpaper with some cheerful yet cozy perfect combination of white and teal or sapphire blue. To enhance the winter vibe even more you can add further elements like candles, faux fur throws and fresh greenery that makes your customers cozy within your restaurant setting.

The Bonfire Effect

If you have space, you can always get a white marble fireplace with a roaring fire. In fact, if you are short on budget or you don’t have space for that matter, you can always create a bonfire effect in a corner where you stack up some lons to create the illusion of a functional fireplace.

Cozy Curl-up Furniture

Do you want to make your restaurant feel more upscale as well as comfortable in winter? Then you can create cozy landing spaces with some velvet furnishings. Velvet looks absolutely chic and the best part is it goes seamlessly with the winter feel.

It’s a wrap!

People often love to think they are a part of something unique. The idea of personalizing your restaurant for the customers according to the seasonal variations can have a positive impact on customer psychology. You can deploy your own creativity to do wonders, check out the ideas stated in this guide, or reach out to the top Restaurant Consultants in the United Arab Emirates. They can surely help you out!

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