The pandemic did affect a lot of industries and resulted in a slowdown in their business. But incidentally, that wasn’t the case with the Cloud Kitchens. To explain Cloud Kitchens in brief, it is a commercial space that provides food businesses with the infrastructure and services that are needed for delivery and take out which saves your time, money and hassle. It only facilitates ordering online with no dine-in facility. In fact, because of their simplicity and ease, Cloud Kitchens are supposed to be a $13 billion market by 2025. Sounds impressive right?

In this article, we will walk you through some important tips and hacks from Restaurant Consultants in Mumbai for running a successful Cloud Kitchen Business in 2023!

Make a Detailed SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

In a Cloud Kitchen Business, the most critical part unarguably is the day-to-day operations. To maintain a smooth flow of deliveries, every Cloud Kitchen should come up with very detailed SOPs. You must assign designated responsibilities to the kitchen staff as well as the delivery staff to make sure that there isn’t any kind of confusion or doubts in the daily operations. Your Kitchen Staff should be very well aware of the procedure of getting the orders ready for delivery in a stipulated time. The Delivery Staff, on the other hand, should be with the routes and the estimated time to complete the delivery in the promised time.

Research Your Competition

The Cloud Kitchen Business has sky-rocketed especially since the pandemic. It is a high-growth space and hence a highly competitive space as well. To stay in the game, you have to keep a constant check on what your competitors are doing and constantly try to incorporate some strategies that will make you stand out. Additionally, it is also important to consider the cost of delivery and the cost of ingredients to provide your customers with quality food at a competitive price.

Have a Technological Edge

The top Restaurant Consultants in Navi Mumbai believe that technology and automation play a critical role in enhancing the efficiency of a Cloud Kitchen Business. Automation not only helps in cutting down time but also reduces manual efforts. Investing in good software and relevant machinery for the type of services you provide is of the essence when it comes to increasing productivity. Go on, give it a try!

Build a Strong Team

A good business is only as good as the employees. Although a Cloud Kitchen Business requires minimal staff, that staff needs to be efficient enough to handle the orders and deliveries even on days when there are a lot of them. Having proper training sessions, ensuring timely assistance and understanding their problems will help you retain the staff and to build your dream team.

Track The Customer Feedback

To cater to the specifics that your customers are asking for and delivering it makes a lasting impact. Hence introducing a rating system and keeping a track of how well are the customers rating you on different parameters can give you a clear picture of the areas in your business that could use a little more work. Remember, constantly optimising and improving is the key according to Restaurant Consultants in Navi Mumbai!

If you think you’re going to need help with any of these, you are at the right place!

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