What is Lucknow famous for? It’s mouthwatering cuisines and hospitality. The competition is cut-throat and running a restaurant in Lucknow is no cakewalk. Amidst the crowd of hundreds of diners and eateries, if you want your restaurant to hustle, the key is perfection. However, when there are so many moving elements involved, coordinating everything and enticing the customers can be daunting. However, you can always start with details. Focus on the most intricate things to make a massive difference. One such element is your restaurant’s menu. As per the Top Restaurant Consultants in Lucknow, a strong menu requires creativity, accessibility, mindful costing, and variety. Curious about why menus are important and how can you create a structured menu that can keep your customer retention rates high? Well, here’s a guide for you!

The Importance of Menu Design

Menus are the instant snapshot of your restaurant and probably the only piece of advertising your guests will read mindfully. A clean appealing menu can communicate an unscathed brand image of your restaurant. Ranging from the font and colour palettes to the use of photos, whitespace/photos, type of paper and descriptive content, everything must be impeccable. Whereas, a cluttered or cost-intensive one can deteriorate your brand’s perception. Whether you own a Michelin star restaurant or a small eatery, here’s how you can creatively draft a menu to impress and entice your guests. Dive in!

Communication is the key- Always avoid chef-speak in the menu architecture

Most customers feel that restaurant menus are more confusing than necessary. You might not realize it, but your customers might have felt embarrassed at one point or the other to ask a staff member for an explanation of menu items. For example, some customers might be unfamiliar with foreign words used in North African cuisine “shakshuka” or French such as “mirepoix”. When designing your menu, never assume that your customers understand chef-speak. Instead, clearly explain the terminologies in the menu description, so your customers won’t be disappointed by that.

The Golden Triangle Fiasco

When most people check a restaurant’s menu, their eyes move to the middle, the top right corner and the left corner. This is known as the Golden Triangle of menu designing. Put dishes with the highest profit margins here because these are your high-rent areas. Also, note that high profit doesn’t mean expensive, just a better ROI margin.

Using Colour Psychology

Don’t forget to use colour psychology to your advantage in menu designing. For instance, when your customers see the green colour, it makes them think of fresh food from the garden. Orange stimulates appetite, yellow makes people happy, and red can be used as an attention grabber. So, use colours accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Your restaurant’s menu should express your eatery’s personality. It focuses on your overall budget, promotes profitability and keeps your brand image fresh in your customer’s minds. The menu is responsible for stating who you are and what you want to convey to your valuable customers. Searching for someone to aid you with your menu planning and designing? Reach out to the Top Restaurant Consultants in Lucknow now!

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