Which business has more money than you can see on the surface? The answer is the restaurant business. In the cut-throat enterprise ecosystem of Kolkata, opening your restaurant can be your shot to earn the big bucks. However, the question is where? While people love to relish a good meal every now and then, how are you supposed to find the location that can yield you good ROI and profit for your restaurant? Worry not! Here are tips from the top Restaurant Consultants in Kolkata to clear the clouds of confusion!

But First, Why Does The Location Matter?

The location can play a decisive role in whether your restaurant will flourish or fail. The location of your restaurant has a significant part in deciding the reach, and sales of your restaurant, overall footfalls. If your restaurant is located in a posh location, you can raise the prices and standards accordingly. Similarly, factors like proximity to major city hubs, parking spots, and the overall neighborhood can influence your restaurant’s reputation and vibe to large extent. In a nutshell, your eatery’s location is invariably and implicitly the representation of the visitors it might attract.

Tips To Choose The Best Location

Demography Details

If you are looking forward to launching your restaurant, market research is the first step. Analyze the demographics of the location and plan accordingly. For example, if you wish to launch a trendy café, strategize and identify locations with younger demographics that might attract the student crowd. However, if you are opening an expensive multicuisine bistro, then launch it in a happening and posh area where people can pay for the food as well as the ambiance.

• The Accessibility Factors

The flow of goods plays a pivotal factor next to the capital in running a restaurant. You need constant access to goods, water, and manpower and for a restaurant, you need to consider a location that is easily accessible to the employees/staff as well as the customers. Also, check if the water and electricity access is seamless and in case of any hiccups what backups you can get.

• Space and visibility

Your restaurant should have a clearly visible storefront for your customers to be found easily. It should have an adequate parking space that can accommodate numerous vehicles and enough space in the main area for the kitchen, customers, and a bit of walking area. In addition, do a thorough competitor analysis and launch your restaurant at a location where it can rule undisputedly with its unique concept and food.

• Budget

The last and most crucial aspect is the budget. Scrutinize the spaces and see that you get the best space for an optimal price. Keep in mind that just because a restaurant space is available for a lesser price, settling it without the quality of the location isn’t a wise option.

It’s a wrap!

What’s your restaurant without location? We would say nothing! Selecting the right consultants is a critical step in helping your business thrive without any setbacks. Whether you want a reasonable amount of foot traffic or you want to get a property at competitive industry rates, the best Restaurant Consultants in Kolkata can be your one-stop solution. Why just location? BistroBrain can also aid you with everything ranging from conceptualization to execution.

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