Brilliant ideas and enthralling concepts can get you far in Andaman’s Restaurant Industry. However, great ideas are nothing without the initial spark of inspiration. Look around you. There are hundreds of restaurants that want to spark the fire of popularity among the hearts of their customers. Most restaurant owners are fueled by universal goals and passions, but those with unique ideas win the race. If you are a restaurateur, here are some exciting themes suggested by the top Restaurant Consultants in Andaman. Delve in to get your creative juices flowing.


For customers who simply cannot have their daily dose of cuteness, pet restaurants can be an exceptional idea. Many restaurants are increasingly becoming pet-friendly and adding lovable fur pals to their ambience. You can find many cat and dog cafes having animals as their USP, and you can do the same for your restaurant as well.

Iconic Pop-Culture Reference

Entertainment has remained a part and parcel of our lives since time immemorial. If you think a band, movie or series is insanely popular and people would love the experience of having a pop-culture-themed restaurant in their proximity, create something remarkable for the fans. For example, you can create a Bollywood theme, a 90s pop culture theme or something more centred around a popular TV show like FRIENDS, or Twilight Saga.

The View To Your Advantage

If you have a spectacular view next to your restaurant and want your eaterie to become a literal oasis for food connoisseurs, create an eco-friendly, beachy theme for your restaurant. Some ingenious restaurant owners also bring a floating factor by creating floating lounges. You can do the same.

Emotions can be a Theme

Who says the decor has to constitute the material things? There are cafes with a vegan theme that use gratitude as their USP. Customers can relish their food, and when they are done with their portion, they can pay for whatever they like. Yes, the cafés are based on Bhagavad Gita’s principle of gratitude.

Arboreal is The New Extra

You might not believe it, but there are treehouse restaurants built with rustic architecture. Guests can climb up, have a great meal and then climb back down. Now, isn’t that interesting?

History as an inspiration

You can also create a rodeo-themed, vintage or historical restaurant influenced by a specific community. However, while you are designing your restaurant with a historical theme, be hyper-specific about every piece of information you decide to include with décor.

It’s a wrap!

Being a restaurateur is no cakewalk. Running a restaurant takes an endless amount of creativity, hustle and more than you might ever think. Do you want to make your restaurant stand out amidst the brand-new eateries popping up now and then? Then take inspiration from the above-listed ideas and tap into a whole new dimension of innovation for your Restaurant in Andaman. Or you can reach out to Bistro Brain. As a leading firm for Food and Beverage Consulting in Andaman they can aid you to grab

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