Kinka Spice – Multi-cuisine Indian Restaurant, Dubai

Kinka Spice Restaurant, Dubai – Complete Turnkey & Management Consulting

Food served at Kinka Spice is all about rediscovering the charm of unhurried goodness of homemade food. By bringing on table the traditional, age-old natural superfoods with quality cooking and serving.

Serving all the curry dishes with Poie (a Goan whole wheat handmade bread) shall be a newer experience for customers looking for Indian feel in their taste and palate. Emphasising on other rare and delicious options from corners of India covering coastal regions of South and North-East followed as the second priority. Unbeatable versions of Tandoori Chicken and Butter Chicken from North Indian food are also the highlights. Iranian Berry Pulao and Tibetan Momos found the right place on plate where experimenting a new space of exploring was a must try. When Biryanis take a back seat these days with every restaurant serving some varieties, they did not want to limit by serving any Biryani but pick the exquisite ones, less known in Dubai like the Lucknowi Awadhi Biryani to challenge the taste buds.

Chef Prashanth Chembala as their restaurant consultant has paid minute attention in selecting the right pick keeping in mind what the city lacks.

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