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Coming from the hotel industry with immense experience across various horizons of Hospitality, a recognised Culnarian, F&B Consultant and Academician, Chef Prashanth Chembala, affectionately called as Chef CP wants to enhance the quality of hospitality standards in India and Abroad by working in each areas of this industry starting from hotel management education by nurturing true professionals to improvising on taste, consistency and quality of food offered to customers.

He believes Innovation is an essential slice in Culinary but at the same time, simple to achieve if you love cooking and satisfying the taste buds of common man.

From Hotels to Restaurants

While bouncing as fresher from IHM Trivandrum and OCLD trained, least did he have the clue of the roller coaster ride while in the journey of success to be an Executive Chef. Thorough hard work and dedication exposed him to various cuisines across India and Globally with key skill enhancement in fine cooking. When Italy brought glory into knowing what continental food is all about, New York had something else in store to offer on plate. Culinary drive through Belgium, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Thailand, Singapore, Maldives, Paris, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and many more in his hotel career helped him pick the uniqueness in their culture, tradition, taste and flavours.

However, moving from massive and celebrated hotel industry to restaurant chains at the peak of his career was tough decision to make but his persistence in looking at long run benefits of learning changed his dimension towards what he was growing to become. When once handling umpteen staffs and kitchen responsibilities were wrapped so well under his Chef coat, his expertise got refined in Kitchen Set-up, Delivery and Management of Restaurants as Brand Chef in the Restaurant Industry.

Restaurant Consulting Like a Pro 

“An art learnt while setting up an international brand is intricate and worth exploring”, says Chef CP.

He learnt that setting up your own brand talks a lot about what you are and what you want to offer but the toughest challenge is to be able to replicate an international brand in a new country with the objective of retaining native sentiments yet enjoy the western food.

He says, “Success of an International Brand is positive only with measurable strategy, unstoppable funding and steady branding and marketing”.

Milestone of opening 5 outlets of the international brand in Mumbai itself motivated him to analyse the shortcomings that can follow while growing into multiple outlets. This encouraged him to deviate his path to be on his own as a Restaurant Consultant and then there was no looking back.

From kiosks to restaurants, cloud kitchens to cafes – every challenge that came his way became much easier to handle over passage of time. Today, after 2 years of his Restaurant Consulting Firm in place, he has accomplished several projects in India and Abroad restaurant consulting services like Turnkey Consulting, Menu Consulting, F&B Consulting, Concept Planning and more.

Director & Faculty – School of Hotel Management 

 When restaurant consulting became the key of his life, he realised that there is a shortfall of capable candidates who can earn the opportunities in the vast pool of hospitality. The gap between hotel education and real time scenario have forced most of the hotel management pass outs to remain in a shell and not stay in this business. Expertise acquired theoretically and through few practical experiments have not given them enough exposure to the actual hotel industry.

Chef CP envisioned to fill that gap and start his own hotel management college NIHM (National Institute of Hospitality Management) in Vasai, Palghar, Maharashtra ( ) (Mumbai suburbs) looking at potential students travelling to Mumbai for better education. He wanted to give them an exceptional platform to develop their overall personality, soft skills with detailed training, industrial visits, international platforms, national and international internship and placement assistance.

From professional full-time courses in Hotel Management and trainings – placements associated with it to short skill based programs in Hospitality Management curated by him and other industry experts, NIHM Vasai is one such institute where students are trained as per customised need covering major streams of hotel management like hotel/restaurant kitchen, food and beverage service, bartending, culinary, bakery, house keeping, front office and more. They also specialises in Cruise line programs (Food Production & Food & Beverage Service) with International placement opportunities on Cruise ships around the globe.

Local Farm Produce to End User Food Consumables

Chef do not intend to stop at one avenue in Food Industry. He believes in covering end to end possibilities from growing his own organic farm to providing a highly satisfactory end consumable products to clients through his innovative approach and sustained vision. Staying well-informed and meeting customer need is of utmost importance. “Once you put yourself into their shoes, you already know what they want,” articulates Chef CP with a spark in his eyes.

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