How To Maintain Restaurant Hygiene During Monsoon?

It’s that time of the year when you are saved from the traumatic summer heat with heavy and windy rains. The monsoons have finally started and have brought in few more worries for restaurant owners and managers. If you run a restaurant, you need to take extra measures in order to maintain the hygiene in the restaurant. We’ve come up with a list to ensure you don’t miss out on any obvious hygiene steps:

Storing The Food

This is one of the important aspects to look for as cooked foods can get easily contaminated during this period of time. You must store food in closed and sealed containers as it can help deal with contamination. Make sure that the food is served hot and the leftovers must be refrigerated. Also remember that Fungi tends to multiply during these conditions which you must be wary of.

Take Special Precaution Of The Water Used

Water-borne diseases are quite high during this period and extra precaution must be taken on water used. Diseases like Typhoid, Cholera, Diarrhoea are propagated through contaminated water. Make sure that the water is always boiled and sufficiently filtered before serving or using it in the items.

Ensure Your Seafood Is Safe To Eat

For the restaurants serving them, Seafoods during monsoon cannot be trusted to be without any contamination. The 60-day fishing ban from the government of India has worsened the case as sea-foods in the market cannot be deemed as safe. Make sure that vendors or the agents through which your restaurant buys various kinds of seafoods are reliable. Also plan an efficient way to store them. The use of freezer bags are better way of storing them. Never purchase anything with holes or pores in them.

Make sure that the restaurant is safe from Water Clogging and Leakages

Effective flood management needs equal focus on the managing the drainage. At times, problems like water clogging is active in few of the low- lying areas and measures need to be taken for it. Making sure that your drainage is free from any debris can help in free flow of water Having a rooftop restaurant can have problems like improper insulation and no proper ventilation which can make way for roof decay and at times the use of poor or damaged equipments can build way for these water leakages.

Keep Your Ambience Clean

A clean environment is vital to be followed in your restaurant as it keeps away all the harmful diseases that can fall in the way. It also means maintaining a clean kitchen in your restaurant and not overlooking the washroom either. Ideally a restaurant must be cleaned twice a day. Keeping kitchen equipments in mind, depending on their type, should at least be cleaned once every 1-3 weeks. Keeping your restaurant warm and cosy can help the cause further.

Maintaining the Well being of Your Staff

The well being of your staff is equally important as they are the ones responsible for the reputation of your restaurant. Having a strict and uniform protocol or guidelines can help you in making them follow a clean and hygienic process. The use of proper and neat equipments like hand gloves, chef-apron, etc can amplify your cause. Also, having medical and fitness tests occasionally for all employees can help in maintaining their well being.

Finally, remember that a restaurant’s reputation is always at stake and maintaining the hygiene should always be your first priority.  So, there you have a brief idea on how to maintain hygiene in your restaurant.  You can also contact us to know more about maintaining clean and hygienic ambience in a restaurant. You can also share your ideas by dropping a comment in the comments section.

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