Microgreens have been gaining popularity because of the nutritional benefits they carry along in small sizes yet at the same time easy to grow.

Bistro Brain would like to share with you a method to grow them indoor and relish the outcome that’s packed with rich flavours, high nutritional value and adding colours to a variety of dishes.

Very commonly available dry seeds like Moong bean (Green gram), Chana (chickpea), Cowpea, Mustard, Methi (Fenugreek), Ragi (finger millets) can be grown to start with. With minimum resources and maximum utilisation, these aromatic greens can be the saviour for every dish that’s cooked in your kitchen. Then be it in a salad/dal, pulao/khichdi etc. , these micro herbs can simply blend with any dish beautifully.

Method to grow Microgreens Indoor: Take any wide, empty plastic container, clean & wipe it well before use and place 4 to 5 layers of tissue paper that’s available from any supermarket or retail store. Soak the dry grain of your choice a day before you would want to sow them (ideally, the seeds need soaking in water for at least 8 hours). Drain the water from them completely and transfer to the ready plastic container. Sprinkle water everyday using water sprinkler that will support the plant growth. The tissue paper shall help in holding the water required for the seeds to grow. Within few days time, the greens would be good enough to remove and use in our food preparations. Placing the container near your window sill or in greenhouses shall also grow really well as microgreens are very convenient to grow. Best part of growing on tissue paper is that there is no wastage and the plants can be taken home or gifted alive before cutting them for consumption keeping them really fresh.

Bistro Brain would love to share a yummy salad recipe that anyone can quickly make and enjoy with a complete nutrition in one bowl.



Red/Green Apples – 1 sliced

Fennel Bulb – few slices

Lemon Dressing comprising of Lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper

Pea Microgreens – few bunch

Beetroot microgreens

Method of Preparation:

Thinly slice the Apple and Fennel bulb. Mix the slices with Lemon dressing. Season with microgreens. Mix thoroughly and toss. Your salad is now ready to serve. Try the recipe today and enjoy a healthy snack. Drop a comment to share your feedback.

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