Helping You Through Your Food-Entrepreneur Journey Bistro Brain not only assists those who wish to open their bistro (cafe/restaurant), but they also assist restaurant/cafe owners who are experiencing difficulties and want to make changes. The experts at the firm come with years of hotel experience and customer-based brand equity to create frame works for a wide range of clients, including first-time restaurateurs, inexperienced entrepreneurs, and existing restaurant owners looking for a change.

The firm first determines the type of food service business the client intends to start, as well as their concept and budget, to weigh the possibility of abandoning the idea of starting a business at the outset. When a client has an idea, they develop a proper execution plan that includes the various types of services we provide and assists the client in selecting the best possible service.

The Indian eatery industry has developed so quickly over the last decade, and this is expected to grow further in coming times. Fast urbanization and more information on western ways of living are some of the factors that have played a key role in this development. While there are numerous new joints opening every now and then, there are several variables to be considered while starting a new restaurant or café company, ranging from choosing the restaurant idea and design to developing the menu and recruiting and staffing. A restaurant consultant helps you in the process while staying away from botches as you establish your dream business. A celebrated name in the domain, Bistro Brain is positioned in the Food Industry Consulting segment with the intention of adding value to restaurant consulting services.

“There are umpteen restaurants coming up in every  corner every day and travelling from work and leisure has increased a lot of opportunities for people from the hospitality industry to serve on the table what they are looking for. Sedentary lifestyle, work-business frequent travels, affordability of more leisure trips over weekends & vacations, fast lifestyle, less time for cooking at home, frequent social life with friends &/or family are the reasons motivating people often to dine out. Bistro Brain oversees each and every responsibility with the minute detailing and approaches a turnkey project from the nutshell till it is successfully operating. We, as your end-to-end consultants in the food business, make sure to not leave any stone unturned and have a successful run in the industry. We focus on branding even the small restaurants by standardizing their procedures. Our vision is to be a successful venture who can manage the issue of affordability and availability of budget services across all Tier-I and Tier-II cities in India”, briefs Ambili P Nair, Founder.

Bistro Brain comes into action for all those needy where we do not differentiate between people who are in need of a service to start a bistro (cafe/restaurant) of their own. We are also hopeful for those who wish to better their food concept or have problems running a restaurant/cafe. Our way of consulting is a broader approach that not only limits within providing services to establish, enhance or expand a food and beverage service start-up or existing restaurant/cafe but also to customize the needs of small models who are in desperate need to run their sole business for daily bread. Thus, we focus on branding even the small restaurants by standardising their procedures”, shares Chef Prashanth Chembala, Partner at Bistro Brain. Starting with just two projects in the year 2018, the firm now has nearly 40 projects across India. Bistro Brain is now looking for a global presence so that they can provide exceptional restaurant consulting services right at your doorstep. They began their journey with just two partners, and their vision is to establish a presence as restaurant consultants in every country by reflecting experience, exposure, and expertise in the field of hospitality.

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