Bistro Brain thank Eagle Owl for featuring us on Top 8th position from among the 13 Top Restaurant Consultants in India

Bistro Brain Help Clients:

  • Set-up their own food business (restaurant/café/lounge/kiosk/QSR/central kitchen etc.) from start to end in India and abroad.

  • Take up their venture’s management contract.

  • Improvise the existing ones dealing with their challenges

  • In expansion of a national or international chain

  • Provide customised online/offline service packages (e.g. Concept development, menu design and development, Training & Development, Operations etc.)

From Chef CP’s expertise in grooming young professionals for a promising future in the hospitality sector by opening a hotel management institute NIHM in Vasai to running his own Quick Service Restaurant in Kochi, he is exposed to challenges in daily operations, staff competency level and shortfalls that come across regularly as a restaurant owner. Our expert advice and remedial measures with a supportive restaurant back office solution like eagle owl shall reap good results for a promising restaurant business in the next decade.  

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