Bistro Brain is an approach to bring value addition to restaurant consulting service where we cater to clients irrespective of their budget and rating with our customised service packages. We assure to fulfil every foodie’s dream to own or run a restaurant. Our best of recommendations shall justify the design we model for your small or large food service businesses. We, at Bistro Brain, come from several years of hotel experience and customer-based brand equity to form frameworks for a first-time restaurateur as an inexperienced entrepreneur or existing restaurant owners looking for a change.

We are a team of well-equipped and experienced capabilities from the field of hospitality and we cater to a range of projects starting from turnkey restaurant consulting to management consulting and customised services that includes restaurant strategic management, restaurant operations management, F&B and Menu consulting and more. 
Restaurant Consulting has been our forte since 2018 and a decade of hotel and restaurant experience to it has been icing on the cake. From our unique way of conceptualisation to molecular gastronomy, we make sure to bring out the best but at the same time, stick to our customers’ budget and vision on investing into starting their own restaurant.


Where did we begin from

Major event of life, personal and professional, are celebrated in restaurants. Acquaintances become friends; Individuals become lovers around the comfort of a table. Beyond the basic purpose of providing food and drink, restaurants have been evolving to fulfil a human need for connection and shaping social relations. Restaurants are shared kitchens and dining rooms of today’s world. From the raw materials arriving in the kitchen every morning, getting prepped throughout the day to selling all/most by evening, restaurant operates with convergence of these forces and unique durability. Many restaurants due to some shortcomings like low paying jobs offer little in terms of benefits, development path or job security. This in turn, impacts them in returns, quality and consistency. Bistro Brain has models across all the segments of this industry that show profitability does not require exploitation. Our expertise and thorough knowledge of this competitive field will connect with your vision to figure out a workable model in parallel to your expectations.

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