Here are 5 ways to run your restaurant kitchen more efficiently : 

Be open to Your Employees’ Feedback

We all tend to believe that the way we run things is the only and the best way, but every true leader listens to their staff and employees and is willing to imbibe their perception while understanding their recommendations. 

Try observing for at least a day in order to see the real picture of the workflow in your kitchen after which you can talk to every member of the kitchen staff about what will help the process become simpler and easier for them. Don’t micromanage. Instead teach them to work independently and they will be happier and motivated. 

Streamline Your Menu

While you might think that to impress your guests you need more unique dishes that are complex, you might not always be able to source the right ingredients and staff to do so. It is better to streamline your menu to what is easily available to your kitchen and what your staff is good at cooking. This brings more efficiency by putting less burden on the staff. Also, recipes that won’t eat into your overall budget will be your best bet. Tasty and easy on the pocket both for you and your customers. Keep it simple with a few unique recipes to keep them interested. 

An Efficient Inventory System is your key 

You don’t want to be short on key ingredients in the middle of prime dinner time. To avoid the embarrassing situation of having to say no to your customers for a dish, it is better to set up a good inventory system in so you know the availability of your ingredients and when you need to restock. This will also help reduce wastage as it can show you the ingredients least used and you can stop ordering or stocking them if need be. 

Specific Work Stations in the Kitchen are a must

To prevent any kind of confusion it is best to ensure that there are clear work spaces in the kitchen for different kind of duties. Separate areas for inventory to come in and go out of the door are also a must. The primary goal is to keep the food safe and not to mix different kind of equipment. For instance, the vegetarian and the non vegetarian counters need to be separate and food allergies of your customers need to be considered. 

Invest in Good Staff

By all means, the most important ingredient for an efficient kitchen is highly-skilled and smart staff. You need to invest time and money to hire and train the best kitchen staff possible. If you’re ready to help your staff at all times, they will be the best versions of themselves always giving their hundred percent. Moreover, this will breed loyalty and a sound work culture that everyone wants to work in. This will make them believe in your mission and goals and they will be happy to help you achieve everything. 

None of this will happen immediately at the snap of a finger. For results, you need to start making small improvements every day that will culminate into a hassle-free kitchen atmosphere. Be open to change and feedback at all times while also assisting your staff whenever they need you. This makes a good leader and a successful restaurant. 


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