Hospitality is one of the most interesting industries you can work in. There are plenty of opportunities to explore. It is a different world altogether and a very good one at that. If you don’t believe us, here are some very interesting facts that could get you excited to join the hospitality band wagon right away. If not join a restaurant, you will surely want to start your own food business soon! 

There are Some Really Amazing Roles For You

You might already be aware of all the various roles you can get into in a hotel or a restaurant but there are many niche positions too. If you’re looking at something different, there are food tasters, human bed warmers, dog surfing instructors and even coconut safety engineers! The coconut safety engineers need to know when to pluck out the coconuts so that they don’t fall off and harm anyone. Quirky and unique, isn’t it? Many hotels have their own set of professionals meant to do very specific tasks depending on the hotel type and on the location it is at. You can take a pick depending on what you like to do!

The Industry is Going To Go Only Upwards 

According to the report by IBISWorld’s Global Hotels & Resorts, there are around 714,000 hotel and resort businesses across the globe, generating $864 billion in revenue. Imagine the possibilities! Since the last five years, the industry is only growing and with increased aspiration of travel, it is not going to slow down. An industry that continues to flourish is only going to offer more and more career opportunities and overall financial growth and stability can also be relied on. A career that’s fun and money, both is what dreams are made of. 

It is Not Only For Young People 

Working in hotels  may seem like its only for young people because a lot of people think from a stereotypical angle. Requiring energy isn’t always the case. There are plenty of older people in the industry who have been there for a long long time. The average age of an employee in the accommodation sector is 39. In fact, in the hospitality industry, older people are looked at as more mature. They tend to bring in more stability in teams and are more focused. So, if age is your concern, forget all your worries and go for the hospitality industry. There are plenty of hotels that are looking for people like you. If you’re young, and you feel that the shelf life is short for you in this industry then you’re wrong. If you start now, you have two to three decades of a stable career ahead of you. 

It is One of The Friendliest Industries

It’s not that you go for a profession in the hope of making friends but it’s always better for the atmosphere to be friendly. Nobody likes a hostile environment. A job in hotels usually involves long working hours, hectic shifts and many challenging situations. In such a scenario, a good social group and warm connections will always help you cope and will make you want to come back every day. It’s fun and support all the way. so at the end of the day, you are going to need to laugh it all off with your colleagues. It’s a good work-life balance that way as your colleagues end up becoming your second family. 

There is Gender Equality 

While some industries like engineering are heavily male oriented, others like fashion and beauty are female dominant. The hospitality field is a refreshing change because it is fairly balanced. According to recent studies, the global hotel workforce is made up of 55% females and 45% males. This is nearly equal and gives a good growth opportunity to both genders. There’s no bias and this makes the industry even more appealing. 

With all of these amazing facts, you can now be sure that if Hospitality Industry is what you’re aiming for, you’re going in the right direction. The right atmosphere, a good and stable career with friends for life are all the good things that come from it. However, be sure to take your education seriously. You need a good hospitality institute like NIHM to guide you in the right direction with all the right training. Once you’ve gained the right knowledge, there is going to be no looking back. It’s time for you to go ahead and make your dream come true!

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