Just starting a restaurant will not help you gain profits unless you bring about uniqueness and innovations that will keep your customers coming back to your restaurant. People get bored quickly and they have many other options if you’re not willing to offer something interesting from time to time. That’s why we give you some innovative promotion ideas that will help you not only get new customers but will also retain your regular ones. 

Creative Restaurant Promotion ideas in India, That You Can Implement Right Away. 


Every holiday season, you need to think about the new creative ideas that resonate with the happy mood of the season and attract the crowd. Take advantage of the fact that people are in a happy mood and go out to eat often during this time. For example, Christmas and New Year’s is the right time to get them to come to you. The crowd is ready to spend and New Year’s is the time when everyone is wanting to celebrate the year gone by and the upcoming one. Ensure that you do your best to make your restaurant more appealing than ever during these times. 

The Big Events are Your Big Key

There must surely be big events happening quite often in your area or your city. It could be a concert, a film festival or anything else that you can always be a part of. You can set up a stall here or run a promotional drive with your branding. This helps you reach out to new people who might not know about you yet or is a good recall to those who don’t come to your restaurant often now. 

Drive new offers at these events, for example, 5% off to people who are visiting the event. Offers and discounts always compel customers to visit you thereby increasing your profits. 

Run a Loyalty Program

Offer special discounts to your returning customers as they need a hook to always keep coming back to you. Loyal customers are very important to any brand and when they have so many options around, you need them to love you as much as you love them! Customize your loyalty programs depending on the data that you already have and that will be a perfect way to run this successfully. 

Host Theme Parties!

Theme parties are one of the best ways to attract new customers besides just bringing back existing ones. A theme party can have a dress code and special giveaways or discounts. For example, you can host a Halloween night where you ask people to be dressed according to the theme and the best-dressed guest gets to win gift hampers plus a 25-30% off on the bill for the night. These theme parties are not only interesting but rewarding to and attracts people in groups which means more footfalls and more profits. 

Take Part In Charities and Involve Known Names

Taking part in charities gives you more credibility and reliability making you a restaurant that believes in a cause. This is very attractive to people. For example, on Christmas, you could donate food items in an orphanage along with some toys and gifts. Activities like these are heartwarming and don’t go unnoticed. 

Bringing in a well-known local celebrity makes this even more interesting. If possible, try to get these celebrities on board for such events. The presence of celebrities at your restaurant will do the PR magic for you. Start hosting events like comedy nights or musical nights and have some celebrities over for the same. This can create a huge influx of people to your restaurant. 

These restaurant promotion ideas can work really well if done right but there are several mistakes that you should avoid. Make sure that you promote it in the right manner. Continue innovating and see your Restaurant grow sooner than you expected! 

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