Who doesn’t love choices when it comes to food? A buffet theme fulfils this need and if you’re planning to start a restaurant, it will be good to consider this option. As a food business also, buffets work well because when it comes to catering services, buffets are preferred at events and parties owing to their nature of feeding a large number of people while providing good variety and quantity. 

You Can Eat Everything!

We all know this and love this about a buffet themed restaurant. It’s easy on the pocket and it lets you gorge on so many food items at once. From appetizers, salads, live barbeque to desserts, there’s everything you need for a complete meal. It is also good to include healthy options for those who are health conscious and also to promote healthy eating habits. A couple of sugar free and oil free items are good to place in your buffet menu. 

Cafeteria Style Buffet 

These are lesser known and hence, less popular as of now but can gain popularity very soon owing to their uniqueness. In this kind of a restaurant, customers select plates full of food already as they pass through a line. For instance, they might pick up plate with premade noodles, a plate with pastry and a bowl of soup.

For Special Occasions

If you don’t want a permanent theme of a buffet, you can always opt for hosting buffets at special occasions only. For example, you might want to offer a special Oriental buffet on one Friday every month. It could also be only for special days like Mother’s Day or Christmas special buffet. 

Catering Only

This is one of the most wisely used concepts by restaurants since a long time. While your restaurant may not be buffet themed, you can always also offer catering services on the side. This means that you could use a buffet theme only when a client appoints you for their party or event. This means more profits on the side besides just running the restaurant alone. .

Health is Wealth

These days a lot of restaurant chains prefer to promote healthy food and hence go for a theme that is based on healthy buffet choices. Healthy soups, low carb food items, low sugar desserts, healthy alternatives to other tasty food could be a good spread to have, if this one is on your mind. 

Whether or not you wish to offer buffets in your restaurant or not depends a lot on your business model. Before you decide to take the plunge for any of the above-mentioned themes, it is best to analyse the pros and cons of every type. We, at Bistro Brain are here to help you make more informed decisions that will take your food business to newer heights! 

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